CHP İstanbul Milletvekili Umut Oran’ın, Kosta Rika’daki Sosyalist Enternasyonal toplantısında yapmış olduğu konuşma metnini bilgilerinize sunarız.
Dear Friends, Dear Comrades,
I want to thank to National Liberation Party and the Socialist International for organizing this wonderful meeting.
And I want to thank Mr. Papandreou also. Despite all the problems in his home, he shows a great leadership for us and the international progressive community.
2011 was a hard year for all of us. But when we look at today, I believe we have got reasons for hope.
I was in Strasbourg a few days ago. I’ve observed the presidency election of the European Parliament and change of the leadership of the S&D Group.
I want to congratulate Mr. Martin Schulz and Mr. Swoboda again.
Their new term will bring a new start for all the social democrats in the European Continent and the world.
This is a start. We have got elections all around the world. From France to United States progressives are marching.
People across the globe are saying no to the unbound capitalist system. They want a more balanced, equal and democratic society.
They want to live in a world where their life savings are not at the mercy of credit rating agencies.
A world where their democratically elected leaders are not black mailed by these uncontrolled, unchecked and non-transparent companies.
They simply say we are 99 percent and we hear a strong “ya basta” across the globe.
Dear Friends,
This is mainly because we are living in a time of crisis.
When the crisis arise people start to ask questions.
They ask “What was the reason of this? Why do I lost my job?”
Answer is simple: That was a result. A result of the greedy, unregulated, ill controlled financial market system.
Finance institution in the core countries,
–       took risks that they shouldn’t take,
–       gave credits that they shouldn’t give
–       and made profits that they shouldn’t have to.
Who paid for the results of these acts?
Millions of people all around the world.
They lost their jobs, pay checks and income. Their life standards dropped down and now we have got millions of people all around the world living in ill conditions.
But we see another picture. We see that the economic crisis that we are facing is not an abnormality.
We have got a permanent, global, economic crisis that is ongoing.
According to the statistics,

  • Eighty (80) percent of the world population is living under the poverty line and earning less than 10 dollars a day.
  • A billion people in the developing countries have inadequate access to water.
  •  More than a billion people in the world is living under absolute poverty conditions, earning less than a dollar and 25 cents a day.
  •  Although we’re in 21st century, nearly one billion people are unable to read or write.

These figures show us that we are living in a world where there is a permanent crisis situation.
According to the UNICEF, every day more than twenty thousand children die due to starvation.
When we ask the same question with the iconic American Socialist Leader Eugene Debs asked once: “What would you think of me if I was at a table with a lot of food and there is children of my fellow brothers starving to death.”
Than we will give the same answer that he gave, “we are under a moral obligation to change this system”.
Because we know something. While our brothers and sisters all around the globe are suffering, there can be no justice, equality or peace.
Dear Friends,
We shall overcome this system.
And we will .
Mismanaged, uncontrolled, unbalanced capitalistic system produces an unequal world for the people.
Today people are demanding a new life.
They are hoping for a better democracy, a functioning economy and new opportunities.
We can create eco-friendly countries like this wonderful country.
Costa Rica is first in the happy planet index and the greenest country in the world. What Costa Rica achieved is a bright example for all of us.
Green economies is a priority. Another priority is to regulate the market system for the benefit of the society.
As social democrats across the globe we want

  • To stimulate growth and job creation
  • green economies,
  • fair competent and productive markets
  • equal societies
  • active democracy

and a just world.
This is the new responsibility of the social democrats. We have to protect 99 percent of this world.
In order to achieve this, we have to reach our people. Give them the hope that they need.
We have to offer a new set of politics.
Change in state – market relationship, new and effective welfare policies, using the peoples money for their needs, ecofriendly cities, green investment that will create millions of jobs.
World needs responsible governments that serves the society. And as social democrats we have got the know-how.  
Dear Friends,
I come here from Turkey. I know the struggles that we face.
There is still a fight going on in many countries for a basic, functioning democracy, rule of law, human equality .
A couple of months ago Socialist International condemned the Turkish Government because eight (8) elected members of the parliament are under detention.
Now in Turkey in addition to this more than hundred journalist, five hundered university students and thousands of local elected officers are in prison.
Last week Turkish conservative, oppressive and autocratic government have reached a new threshold.
There is also a probe against our leader, Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu.
The public prosecutor asked for the revocation of Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu’s political immunity in order to charge him with “attempting to influence a fair trial”.
Sole reason of this claim is a remark made by Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu that condemns the ill acts of the Turkish government.
This is a breach of the freedom of speech, rule of law and human rights.
I invite this council to declare a statement against this unjust acts.
We need your solidarity and the AKP Government must hear a strong Ya basta from the international community.
I believe Socialist International will not be silent against this unjust acts.
Your solidarity with us, will mean a lot.
And if we can continue this solidarity, if we can help the progressive movements in the mountains of Chipas to the people in Tahrir square than we will see that we can overcome all the struggles.
We need to win in our countries, help each other and support the common cause.
This is the main idea behind the Socialist International.
If we can achieve this, I think 2012 will be better than 2011 and 2020 will be much better than 2012.
So like they say: “the future is ours to win.”
And we will win.
Thank you,

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